Sunday, May 6, 2007


This is a sketch of my late guinea pig, "Gravy". Jodi and I adopted him just five days ago. He was in the early stages of pneumonia, but neither we, nor the pet store, knew it at the time. Over the next few days he seemed okay, but yesterday his condition deteriorated rapidly. We tried to feed him and keep him hydrated with pumpkin pulp and water administered orally via syringe. We couldn't stem the tide. He recieved fluids and vitamins this morning at the petstore where we got him, but on a Sunday, no vet could come see him for treatment.
It may not have mattered anyway. He was such a small animal, and was all skin and bones, and shaggy fur. His was the softest coat I've ever felt.
He was gentle and sweet. He ate hay out of my hand when he was on my lap. I'll always remember him. Rest in peace, Gravy.