Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daily Candy

Hey-up browsers!
Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened, has been spotlighted by, Daily Candy, a website showcasing new cool stuff that you should check out. I've got an older post down below with some art I did from the story, Homesick, written by Josh Fialkov. In other news...
This week I've begun a new project I'm sure I can't show you pages for. So sorry. But here is a small detail from one panel, of one page. So small I'm sure it'll serve just as a tease, and not treason. I dig this Faun character in the story, she's a jewel to draw, and a sweetheart of a character in the story. I'll be in San Diego for the big comic convention this week and weekend. I'll be back in Madison next week. So stay well, be good, and I'll put up some pictures on my return.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My finest hour, so far.

Hey all,
This may even beat the Christamas cocktail I invented, or the time my brother and I conned our way into a field museum special exhibit with only our personal magnetism and character.
Here is a panel from a secret comic that a friend and colleague is putting together for his wife. I'm not gonna use any names or other google-able words because I think it's a surprise. I hope she doesn't see this if it is, but I have to share.
I think if the three or four of you that occasionally drop by the blog keep this under your hats, we should be fine.
We're all in this together.