Saturday, February 24, 2007

Captain Odyssey

Here are some images from a Captain Odyssey Short story. One of three that will appear in each of the three White Picket Fences issues. These adventures are a ridiculous, campy, sci-fi explosion of delights. Enjoy the art of "Captain Oddyssey and the Knights of Salamandria!"

Monster in the Classroom

I've just updated the White Picket Fences Comic Space page with the complete five page short, "Monster int he Classroom", that will appear in the Ape Entertainment FCBD promotional book. Check it out by clicking the title of this article.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

White Picket Fences will be making an appearance in Ape Entertainment's Free Comic Book Day book. Five pages of non-integral, continuity-free, reptileman shennanigans, are yours to be had for the amazing cost of zero dollars, American (or anything else). I'll put up some art later once it's colored. Have a good one,

Saturday, February 3, 2007

White Picket Fences

An example of new stuff... This is the cover for issue No.1 of White Picket Fences. Written by Matt Anderson and Eric Hutchins, illustrated by me, this book is a sci-fi/sit-com set in a 1950's, "Father Knows Best" plus "Day the Earth Stood Still" kind of world. It's coming out through Ape Entertainment as a series of three books of 30 odd pages in glorious Technicolor.

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