Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My finest hour, so far.

Hey all,
This may even beat the Christamas cocktail I invented, or the time my brother and I conned our way into a field museum special exhibit with only our personal magnetism and character.
Here is a panel from a secret comic that a friend and colleague is putting together for his wife. I'm not gonna use any names or other google-able words because I think it's a surprise. I hope she doesn't see this if it is, but I have to share.
I think if the three or four of you that occasionally drop by the blog keep this under your hats, we should be fine.
We're all in this together.


Adam Deutsch said...

Baby, you so fine...you can take all the hours you need.

micah farritor said...

Thanks bro,
Hey can you believe it? I'm actually up and at 'em before double digits these days, even holidays.
Glad you like the panel.