Monday, March 10, 2008

Second Christmas

This year, my family celebrated two Christmases. Dave was in Turkey, so he wasn't around for first Christmas. He brought me and Jodi back a great killim, a tradition in Turkey that really ties the room together. In short: this killim is for mothers, and children.
He also brought us back some Christmas tree ornaments, and he gave me a killer mersham pipe. Yep that's a labrador head, mouth closed gently around a duck. A great memorial to our late black lab, Papalo. Welcome home Dave and Merry Christmas.


Adam Deutsch said...

You saying I should pack my pipe for Easter?

micah farritor said...

Hehe. The only couple reasons why I would say no are these:
smoking is bad for Crohn's disease and
we'll probably get 4 inches of snow on easter Sunday, and I don't have a porch. So I would say, nah.

David said...

Kilims are a form of traditional folk art in Turkey. They are woven mats, often made of wool, as is the case here. This technique is different from that used to make rugs, in which knots are tied to create a thick pile. Kilims are also different from rugs in that kilims are often made expressly for the purpose of commemorating a major event in the extended family. While rugs may be made with designs from Persia, Pakistan, India, and other places, kilims will usually have designs that are more unique to Turkey.