Monday, January 10, 2011

New Sorceror Piece

I got some good feedback from Jon about regarding the graphic elements necessary for a successful cover illustration. In "A Score of Empty Scabbards" I had some scattered swords a bit too low, that would be hidden by author and publisher info, and a moon taking up some prime real-estate up top that would likely interfere with a title.

I suppose I just took it for granted because it was my own design and title. When I've done covers for White Picket Fences and Graphic Classics I always had the template, I knew the parameters and could structure accordingly. Live and learn.
This Sorceror is designed as an interior illustration. So apart from an optional caption, there likely will be no copy on this image.

I hope you enjoy the progress, and please chime in if you notice I'm overlooking a flaw or interesting tweak. Cheers!

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