Thursday, February 8, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

White Picket Fences will be making an appearance in Ape Entertainment's Free Comic Book Day book. Five pages of non-integral, continuity-free, reptileman shennanigans, are yours to be had for the amazing cost of zero dollars, American (or anything else). I'll put up some art later once it's colored. Have a good one,


Adam Deutsch said...

I want free comics. Where is this place?!

micah farritor said...

Free Comic book day happens in lots of Comic book stores. It's actually arranged by Diamond Distributors I think. They publish a certain number of books each year and send them out for free each year to stores. Ape Entertainment is a small publisher, but they were able to secure a slot to put together a FCBD book showcasing their stuff. Also, Adam, 5:30 AM? We'v got to get you sorted out.