Saturday, February 24, 2007

Captain Odyssey

Here are some images from a Captain Odyssey Short story. One of three that will appear in each of the three White Picket Fences issues. These adventures are a ridiculous, campy, sci-fi explosion of delights. Enjoy the art of "Captain Oddyssey and the Knights of Salamandria!"


nick said...


these look great!

CCarman said...

man these are great!!

love the color pallete, reminds me of the "triplets of bellville"

just awesome.

Adam Deutsch said...

"It's ok, Charlie. I've got an angle..."

Alina Chau said...


Bill said...

Hey Dude!!!

Looks good Micah. Are you a Karate guy too?

micah farritor said...

Hey Bill,

Yeah, Karate. It's a school that combines lots of different arts into one comprehensive self defense practice. A fella has to keep active, mind and body. Thanks for taking a look at the blog.