Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mouse Guard

Life is especially hard on the little creatures. Take the mouse I caught in the apartment just ten minutes ago.
I couldn't get it out of the glue that held it in the trap. So, I took it outside, covered it with a paper bag and crushed it with a free-weight. It was difficult, but I can't abide mice coming in our home. They can carry disease, or mites, bacteria, or worse. So I acted how I hope anyone with a conscience would have acted. I hope he doesn't think it was personal. I've got three more traps laid about the apartment, I hope that one is all I ever need deal with. I'll check 'em in the morning. Time for some rest.


Adam Deutsch said...

Well, you sure have one useless Guard Bunny there, pal. Let the guinea out...he'll show the mice who's boss!

micah farritor said...

Yeah, it was mostly for the pets that Jodi and I were concerned about the mice. cause The bunny's cage in on the floor, he would be close to any contaminates.
But you're right, Biscuit would mop the floor with those mice. By the way, we haven't seen any more. Looks like it was just lone mouse. Poor guy.